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Pretty Cure: Charm Casters Prologue

Apr. 7th, 2010 | 08:51 pm

episode 0

Elizabeth awoke from her sleep with a sigh. She quickly changed her frown to a smile because the sun always cheered her up. She hopped out of bed and got on her school uniform. After styling her hair, she grabbed her bag and walked out the door. After making some toast quickly, she hopped out of her large house and trotted off.
"Oh! Mrs. Wright, would you like a ride?" He opened the door of the limo.
"Oh, no, it's quite alright. I'll just walk. Thanks anyways!"
She ran off before her chauffeur could persuade her to hop in the car. She didn't like taking a limo to school. People already only talked to her because she was rich, she doesn't need people wanting to get in the car with her too. She looked and saw hundreds of people walking with her uniform on. And she watched them she thought "All those people go to my school and not a single one of them are a friend." She frowned, and then turned her gaze away from students and to the field of flowers. She smiled and felt that the flowers had cheered her up with their beauty. She thought "Thank you." Before she knew it, she was at her academy.

Sarah had her alarm wake her and she wasn't happy about it. She starred at the window for a while before she decided to stumble out of her bed. She had dark circles under her eyes so she washed her face, got dressed, and went out the door. She saw yet another note while getting some cereal.

Honey, sorry we can't be here again.
We'll try to be home by Thursday.
Left more money on the counter. See you.
-Mom & Dad

She then saw about $100 on the counter along with some change. "Pft. Of course you can't be here. Your "busy" again." She took the money and stuffed it into her wallet. She ate quickly and ran out the door. She slung her bag over her shoulder and glanced at the pond near her home and sightly smiled. She thought "Maybe today won't be all that bad." She kept walking and before she knew it she was at her academy.

"Lizzzzzyyyy!!!" Andrea screamed. She ran and hugged Elizabeth from behind. "AWW! The hours we've been apart have been terrible for me!!!" Elizabeth sighed and slid to her locker. She entered her combination and it opened. "Aww, why aren't you talking? Oh BTW when are your parents coming home?" Elizabeth sighed on the inside. "I don't know, maybe not for another month or so. They're still shooting." Andrea got a ugly scowl on her face. "Man, that sucks." The first bell rang. "Gotta run, see you in Period 2~!" She ran off. Elizabeth thought "Wish we could really be friends." She got out her books for her day and went to her first class.

Sarah entered the school with about 3 people already talking about her. "Don't they have anything beter to talk about?" she thought. On her way up to her locker a mean girl whispered "Loser" to her friend and they giggled. Sarah brushed it off. She got her stuff for class and headed off.

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Eternal Warrior Excalibur!

Oct. 21st, 2007 | 07:17 pm

 Just want to introduce this community behold!: The offical Livejournal for Eternal Warrior Excalibur. I did NOT create this anime/manga. Taralen (YouTube name) of SNOUP entertainment created this anime/manga. Offical site is located here: http://ribbon-sword.piczo.com . This is a fan community just to post some ucomning events on the series, contests, etc. Please join immeditly!

                     PinkNeko AKA Curepinkrainbow

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